Big News in Immigration – R117(9)(d) Pilot, New Work Permit Category and Parents Sponsorship Lawsuit Settlement

The last week and a half have been exciting for immigration lawyers. A number of big changes have happened – mainly for the better – and likely further changes are to follow. Many of these changes are designed to protect vulnerable individuals who suffer abuse at the hands of employers or family members.

Family Reunification for 117(9)(d) Refusals

Canada is changing the policy in regards to undeclared family members on September 9th of this year. If a family member had not been declared, and then applied to immigrate to Canada they would be automatically denied. But Minister Hussen has decided to change this which means many previously refused applications will now be accepted. This is a welcome change for many long-distance families who now have hope to finally be united in Canada. See here for more information.

Work Permit for Abused Workers

Another new category of work permits has been introduced to IRPA and that has to do with foreign workers who are abused by their employer and fear losing immigration status if they leave their job. As of June 4, 2019 they can leave their job and maintain their status and find another job. See here for more information.

TRP for Family Violence Victims

Starting July 26, 2019 newcomers who have experienced domestic abuse or violence at home will be able to obtain a temporary resident permit along with a work permit and healthcare coverage. The Federal government using the TRP category in this unique way signifies their flexibility in accommodating for newcomers circumstances. See here for more information.

Parental Sponsorship Lawsuits

Many individuals were upset in January over the 6 minute window of opportunity to submit a profile for Parental Sponsorship. A news story reports that a number of individual sued the Federal government and now settled with them offering 70 Invitations to Apply in the Parental Sponsorship scheme. This is big news because it means if you failed to secure a spot, especially for reasons beyond your control, you can sue the government in hopes of obtaining one these spots. The full story is here.

This is all very big news for immigration in Canada as it opens up much more options for new immigrants who are in Canada but in a difficult place and find themselves with limited options. Contact me to speak further about exploring these immigration possibilities.

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