The Canada-Saskatchewan Immigration Agreement was signed by the province of Saskatchewan and the Federal Government in March 1998 formally beginning the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). The current SINP Agreement is in force from May 7, 2005. SINP became known for generously allowing extended family members to immigrate to the province and achieve permanent residency in the now discontinued SINP Family Members Category. Contact us for updates on this opening up again.

The goal of the current SINP program is to meet local labour market and economic needs of Saskatchewan through immigration. The SINP program does not require a university degree nor expensive investment. The SINP is one of a kind in Canada. Unlike other Provincial Nominee Programs, SINP has efficient processing times with multiple streams and categories to apply for. The SINP provides a direct route to permanent residency and onto Canadian citizenship.

7 out of 10 newcomers to Saskatchewan immigrate through the SINP program. Approximately 108,300 people immigrate to Canada between 2007 and 2017 out of which 77,300 people utilized SINP. The employment rate for these newcomers has stayed around 76 percent for immigrants between 25 and 54 years of age, higher than the 70 percent national employment average. (Source)

Why Immigrate to Saskatchewan?

  1. Job’s are plentiful.
  2. Housing and renting is affordable and easy to find.
  3. Health insurance coverage is quick to obtain.
  4. The immigrant community is growing fast.
  5. People in Saskatchewan are friendly. They wave hello to everybody.
  6. No long commutes. Everything is nearby.
  7. Stress-free living.
  8. Saskatchewan is sunnier than the rest of Canada.
  9. Northern Lights often light up the night sky.
  10. No Daylight Savings times.

Contact us to help begin your SINP application.

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