Our fees are “flat rate.” We value our time and effort in making your matter successful and we hope you do too. Most fees will be predictable after a first consultation meeting.

First consultation is $150, which will count towards future fees. All consultations must be in person. A consultation is not always necessary. If you know what work you require from us, make that clear and we will waive the consultation fee and see if we can proceed directly with your matter. Contact us here.

We strive to complete your application as fast and as accurately as possible regardless of how large it is.

We process parent sponsorships, child sponsorships and orphaned child relatives at a discounted rate (around $800 + tax).

All other applications and matter will vary on pricing depending on the facts.

Notarizations are $20 for the first page then $5 for every page thereafter.

If clients miss or reschedule their appointments repeatedly or cause delays, we will charge extra fees for the unnecessary inconvenience.

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