Why Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

  1. Greater knowledge and deeper understanding of the workings of the Canadian immigration system. Immigration Lawyers regularly read and study immigration case law so they know how to make an immigration case succeed. Non-lawyers often lack post-graduate education and base their decisions on speculation.
  2. More services provided in all areas of immigration law. Non-lawyers can only help a little before they become afraid and say, “You have to see a lawyer.”
  3. Lawyers are best suited for any interaction with the government that affects your legal rights and freedoms. You wouldn’t go to a non-lawyer to manage a divorce or fight criminal charges, would you?
  4. Greater risk management. Lawyers can provide you all the immigration options available to you along with their pros and cons. Non-lawyers only deal with one or two areas of immigration.
  5. Immigration Lawyers have a broader understanding of how immigration is affected by other areas of Canadian law (i.e. criminal law and family law). A failed relationship or a criminal record
  6. Better regulation. Immigration Lawyers must be licensed by a Law Society and must comply with the 200-years worth of rules of their profession.
  7. Greater success rate than non-lawyers. (See Here for Source)

Often times people mistake ‘immigration consultants’ for lawyers. Ask the person you speak to if they have a law degree (Juris Doctor or LL.B.) and if they are licensed by the Law Society. If they have no degrees on the wall, chances are you are not talking to a lawyer. In Canada, Law Societies control the entrance and regulation of lawyers into the profession. In Ontario, paralegals are also licensed and regulated, but there is no licensing or regulation of paralegals anywhere else in Canada.

Omer Khayyam is an Immigration Lawyer in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and is licensed by the Law Society of Saskatchewan and the Law Society of Ontario (formerly called Law Society of Upper Canada). Omer can assist you with your immigration matter with reasonable rates and timely service.

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