Spousal Sponsorship Mistakes

One of the most rewarding aspects of immigration law is assisting Canadians/Permanent Residents in bringing their significant other to Canada. Uniting two people who love each other deeply is a rare experience in the practice of law. The Spousal Sponsorship Application is long and detailed. Spousal Sponsorship Applications require the care of a qualified Immigration Lawyer who can give each detail the attention it deserves. Omni Law can assist you at each stage of the Spousal Sponsorship process.

Here are the top mistakes in Spousal Sponsorship applications


Ignoring Your Lawyer’s Advice 

As the saying goes, ‘love blinds’. Sometimes your Immigration Lawyer will tell you advice about your Spousal Sponsorship Application you do not want to hear. You are in love and feel as if anything is possible. Your love can triumph over anything. Hmmm…not always so. Visa Officers will look at some Spousal Sponsorship Application facts with great suspicion and make it very hard for your Spousal Sponsorship Application to succeed. The red flags of marriage fraud may be there and at the back of your mind, you may suspect your Immigration Lawyer is correct…but it is hard to swallow because you are in love. Keep an open mind and be realistic. Listen to your Immigration Lawyer because they know the ins and outs of the law.

Spouses Wasting Time

Spousal Sponsorships are one of the lengthier immigration applications and so it can be daunting for someone unfamiliar with the process. So naturally, people waste time, procrastinate and delay. Putting off the Spousal Sponsorship Application process inevitably increases stress and tension. The natural reaction then is to rush the Spousal Sponsorship Application and unknowingly making mistakes in the process leading to further delays. An Immigration Lawyer will greatly relieve the stress and take care of the process for you.

Spouses Not Cooperating

For a Spousal Sponsorship Application to succeed there has to be significant cooperation between husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend. If only one spouse is actively working on the Spousal Sponsorship Application and the other spouse is being lazy or not cooperating, it becomes harder to complete. Even worse, if something goes wrong the blame goes on the spouse that did all the work on the Spousal Sponsorship Application. Spousal Sponsorship is a relationship building exercise. Both spouses need to work together. For best results, an Immigration Lawyer is needed to speed up the process and keep both spouses equally engaged.

Hiding Past Relationships 

Early on in the Spousal Sponsorship Application, spouses must disclose previous romantic relationships. This can come as a shock to the other spouse who may have not known about their past life. It is best to talk to your spouse about their past life since this may have an impact on the Spousal Sponsorship Application. Divorce certificates and other documentation of previous relationships are mandatory in the Spousal Sponsorship Application. For some countries, processing times are increased for divorced individuals. If called into an interview, Visa Officers will inevitably ask questions about previous relationships. It’s best to be open and talk to your spouse about previous relationships. But if you want to hide previous relationship from your spouse during the Spousal Sponsorship Application then it is best to speak to an Immigration Lawyer.  

Undeclared Spouses and Children

It is mandatory to declare children and spouses when first applying for immigration. By declaring you are letting Canada know you have loved ones who may want to join you in Canada one day. If you do not let Canada know the first time you apply for immigration, then you are automatically barred from bringing them to Canada or telling Canada at a later date. For example, if you were married or in a common law relationship and did not declare it when coming to Canada as a student or worker, then you can not say you want to sponsor that spouse. It is essential to declare children and spouses at the point of first contact with IRCC.

Not signing properly 

Sometimes the simplest mistakes are the most frustrating. There are many pages to sign and review in a Spousal Sponsorship Application. One missed page can mean the whole application is returned and months are lost in processing. If applying for an Open Work Permit in connection with a Spousal Sponsorship Application, then implied status can be lost. An Immigration Lawyer will make sure nothing is overlooked or forgotten in your Spousal Sponsorship Application.

Omni Law can bring your spouse to Canada in less than 12 months. Contact us today.

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