Two New Ways to Land as Permanent Resident

Some people are being “landed” in Canada using the PR Confirmation Portal.

See here:

How its supposed to go:

  1. Applicant receives a ClientPortal email saying to email back their name, UCI, email address and last place and date of entry.
  2. Then IRCC creates an account/username and replies back with the login info.
  3. Applicant log-in and submits a selfie (they literally say selfie) and mailing address and they get a temporary COPR letter in PDF form. This is the typical landing paper but with an e-signature from the visa officer.
  4. They await for the PR Card in the mail in 2-3 weeks.

The applicant and each dependent have to provide their own INDIVIDUAL email address and reply to the IRCC Client Portal email address. 1 email per person. No authorized representative email addresses! 

No more professional pics…just selfies!

Not all are being landed this way. Some are just getting a letter saying they are now PR and to mail 2 photos and the PR approval letter and the local IRCC office will mail the PR card.

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