Common SINP Questions

I get around 5 phone calls every week asking about moving to Saskatchewan from Ontario or British Columbia. So I thought I would put all the information here to the most common questions.

I am an international student. What do I need to know about SINP?

The most important thing to be aware of is that you must seek work in Saskatchewan that is related to your field of study. So if you studied culinary studies you must find a job in that area. If you are a commerce or business diploma studies graduate, your options are more open. If you have a PGWP, SINP officers will put you into the Student stream of SINP. That is the only stream appropriate to you. You can also try for the Employment Offer category if you have enough points.

I failed my studies as an international student, how can I get SINP?

Following from the previous question, you will have to look into the Employment Offer category as the most likely option for success. You must have enough points, proof of work experience and English language test results.

I want to do trucking in Saskatchewan. What do I need to know?

For trucking you must have a closed work permit obtained by a LMIA. You also need a trucking license and to meet the work hours criteria.

Do you help with job offers?

At this time, we do not help with job offers.

Where can I find work?

Most people prefer large cities, but the aim of SINP is to bring foreign workers where there is a shortage in the province – this means, rural towns. Your likely chance for success is in the smaller rural towns. Here is a list of small towns in Saskatchewan. Try calling up a business here and see if they can help you. Most

What do I need to know about the employers?

Be sure to inform the employers you are seeking SINP. Ask if they have helped their employees get permanent residency through SINP before. If they have not, it is unlikely they will help you. You must make sure your employment is authorized. Illegal work will not qualify you for SINP. You must have proof of work experience.

I am a refugee claimant, can I use my work permit to get SINP?

SINP does not accept work experience from a refugee claimant.

If your situation is more complex than that, you can schedule a consultation for $150. If you would like us to help with your SINP application, we do offer a student rate discount.

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