Mandamus: Getting a Decision from IRCC

Mandamus: Getting a Decision from IRCC

As the backlog of IRCC applications has hit 1.8 million, no doubt applicants have become frustrated by IRCC. In 2020, COVID-19 pandemic became a convenient excuse for IRCC and yet IRCC struggled to adapt. Lately the delays have become unjustifiable.

So your application is delayed and you are losing your patience?

Is there a solution?

The only solution to get a decision and move on with your life is a writ of mandamus obtained through a Federal Court application. Mandamus is Latin for “we command.” This remedy is available where application delays have exceeded stated processing times. It is something to only consider where there is a delay.

Pursuing a mandamus is only possible through legal counsel. Consultants and self-represented individuals are unable to pursue this. It is the exclusive purview of Canadian lawyers.

What can I expect?

Even after beginning the process it is important to keep in mind, mandamus is for a decision. It does not mean that decision will be positive. The other important thing to keep in mind is it can still take 1-2 months.

Whatever the case and however long the delay, mandamus is worth exploring. We have had success with this remedy available in Canada’s judicial system.

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